Selected Exhibitions // Events // Screenings

2023 [September 22nd-23rd]
"Station To Wash Your Vision Spheres"
Video Art CRT Wall Installation
Collective Arts, 'Collective Trip', Hamilton
2019 [August 9th - August 30th]
"Convenience Stores, Space Flowers, and Other Spinning Objects"
Solo exhibition & debut record release ("Memory Castle")
Factory Media Centre, Hamilton
2019 [June 13th]
CRT & Video Art Installation for The Elwin's NxNE Showcase
The Dakota Tavern, Toronto
2018 [June 6th]
OPTICKS in collaboration with Form Contemporary Dance Theatre Presents: "Luminous Bodies" (Hamilton Arts Awards)
Theatre Aquarius, Black Box Theatre, Hamilton
2017 [September 8-10]
OPTICKS Presents: "A Portrait of Hamilton's East Mountain"
HAVN, Hamilton
2017 [July 15th]
OPTICKS live projection visuals for Jlin.
Strangewaves 2017, Paris ON
2016 [August 12th - 14th]
"Spinners 1: Alien Trees" - "Alien Trees" (outdoor kinetic installation)
UP HERE 2016, Sudbury

Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for their support.
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2015 [October 1st]
Screening of real-time footage from ""
Milk Glass, Toronto
2012 [March 23rd]
Prism Prize
"Two Reasons" [Shortlisted]
Screening Galla at Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto
2007 [April 23rd - May 19th]
Artists Inc., Hamilton
Curated by Jim Riley
Thank you to the Ontario Arts Council for their support.
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2006 [December 2nd & 3rd]
"Making Room"
224 Wallace Ave Toronto
Curated by Heather Nicol
2006 [July 14th - August 12th]
"Press Play"
Interaccess, Toronto
Curated by Tatiana Mellema